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Wine regions USA – Chardonnays highlighted

Introduction The USA is not only the largest wine market in the world, but wines produced in the USA wine regions also take a fairly important place. The wine production in the United States has increased significantly in recent decades. As to the surface for vineyards and their production the United States currently ranks fourth… Read More »

South Africa wine Regions – Chardonnays highlighted

Introduction South Africa is the eighth largest wine producer in the world and it produces 3.1 percent of the world wine production. South Africa now has about 100,000 hectares of vineyards. That’s about as much as the wine region of Bordeaux wine area or Germany. Vintners produce about 9 million hectolitres of wine per year.… Read More »

New Zealand wine Regions – Chardonnay highlighted

Introduction Most of New Zealand wines are white.The history of wine began with the first vines Samuel Marsden in 1819 brought from Australia. The current wine industry developed from the end of the sixties. First, the emphasis was on making fortified wines. In the seventies, the New Zealand wine industry was guided by the advice… Read More »

Argentina wine Regions – Chardonnay highlighted

Introduction Argentina is by far the biggest wine producer of South America. Chardonnay holds the first place among classic white grape varieties. It is much appreciated in Argentina for its capacity for good ripening and because it can be used to make a wide range of wines, form the bases for sparkling wines to the… Read More »

Italian wine regions – Chardonnay highlighted

Introduction Italy is one of the oldest wine countries. It is also the largest wine producer in the world and is a regular number one wine exporter, sometimes surpassed by France. It produces some 44-50 million hectolitres of wine per year. From north to south the country has been planted with special grape varieties. Many… Read More »

Chilean wine Regions – Chardonnay highlighted

Introduction Chile, after Argentina, is the largest wine producer in South America. Its location is along the west coast of South America and it is a very vast and narrow country. In the east, Chile is bordered by the Andes Mountains and in the west by coastal mountains. They protect vineyards from the cold and… Read More »

Australia wine Regions – Chardonnay highlighted

Introduction Australia might be the smallest continent but it is the sixth wine country in the world. The country is diverse with snow-capped mountains, deserts, beaches and rainforests itself. This diversity results in the fact that only a small part of the country is suitable for wine production. The wine regions of Australia are concentrated… Read More »

California wine Regions – Chardonnay

Introduction Did you know that California is responsible for almost 90% of the total wine production in the United States of America? And if it would be a separate country, California would be the world’s fourth wine producing nation after France, Italy and Spain. Chardonnay wines form an important part of California’s wine production, which are… Read More »

Best French Chardonnay

Introduction Chardonnay is originally from France’s Burgundy region, where the best white Burgundies are powerful and rich, with complex fruit flavours and notes of earth and minerals. More affordable Chardonnays from Burgundy—for instance, those simply labelled Bourgogne Blanc—are crisp and lively, with apple and lemon flavours. Chardonnays from warmer areas like America, Australia and Chile… Read More »