World’s best Chardonnays for Delivery to the USA

Here under you will find the links to my current Chardonnay reviews For USA market. Youwine reviews and ratings will be able to order wine on-line and save at the same time. Please note that I am an affiliate of each of the wine merchants listed. For the biggest variety of wines on offer, please see the reviews under number 1. Under 2, 3 and 4 I have listed some of the smaller merchants and their offerings.

1. Wines delivered by (the USA number 1 wine retailer by revenue):

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  4. Central Valley California wine review
  5. Argentina wine review
  6. Italy wine review
  7. South Africa wine review
  8. Best Australian Chardonnays wine review
  9. Best California Chardonnays wine review Mission

usa number 1Our mission is to promote the wine lifestyle, through innovation. Headquartered in San Francisco, right between California’s wine country and Silicon Valley, we’re passionate about using technology to bring you the world of wine at your fingertips.

From humble beginnings in 1998, we’ve been through an incredible journey to navigate the wine shipping laws, earn the trust of thousands of wineries and create a customer experience we are proud of. Today we combine a million-bottle wine shop with the information, tools and expert advice you need to enjoy it. Add to that the best delivery service in the industry, satisfaction guaranteed, and you see why we’ve been the number one online wine retailer by revenue for the last decade.

And, of course, we’re never done innovating, so check back often!


Have you ever stood in a wine shop or grocery store, staring at a wall of bottles, unclear what you were looking at? Orusa number 1 been made to feel inferior when asking for help from a snooty sales clerk or restaurant sommelier? Or had a great bottle of wine with dinner, but been unable to remember or find it ever again? It doesn’t need to be that way!

We invented to modernise the way people learn about and buy wine. Wine should be fun and accessible to all. In a survey of our team and several hundred of our winery partners, we asked what the wine lifestyle meant to them. Their responses, summarised in the word cloud below, showed the importance of friends, family, food, celebration, relaxation, travel and more. We think this is a pretty great way to live – almost like being on a mini-vacation every time you enjoy a glass of wine. Promoting the wine lifestyle and helping people enjoy life just a little bit more is a mission we can get excited about!

The world of wine at your fingertips

The average grocery store carries 600 wines and the average wine shop carries 1,200. offers you over usa number 110,000 wines every year from over 100 appellations and 50 grape varietals. Our available inventory is well over a million bottles.

But a huge assortment can be overwhelming without guidance. Here’s how we help you discover that next bottle with confidence:

  • Wine information: We go deeper in our content than anyone in our industry. Winemaker notes, current and past professional ratings, customer reviews, most popular lists, about the winery, region & varietal, map-it and informative bottle tags with every shipment.
  • Discovery tools: This is where technology helps — advanced search, filter & sort, our food & wine pairing tool, your virtual cellar and recommendations driven by your past purchases.
  • Our people: We are wine geeks and we’re here to help. Live chat, call or email us, read our blog or track our reviews, wine lists, tweets and posts. Who says a website can’t also have a personal touch?

Delivery made easy – faster, safer & cheaper

Once you’ve found your wine (or case), our fulfilment team takes over. Wine presents some unique delivery challenges: it’s heavy, glass, perishable in extreme temperatures, requires an adult signature for delivery and many states don’t even let you ship there. We’ve been attacking these problems for over a decade, and here are some of the things we have going for us:usa number 1

  • In-house distribution network: We own and operate our own network of fulfilment centres across the country. This gives us control over the process, enables us to serve nearly every state and locates us close to our customers – 80% of you live within 1 or 2 days ground shipping of one of our warehouses.
  • Same-day shipping: Order in the morning and in-stock items ship out that same day.
  • Date-certain delivery: With an adult signature required for delivery of wine, it’s important to let you chose your delivery date, Saturdays included to most residential addresses.
  • Local Pickup: Ship to over 2,000 FedEx Office locations nationwide for pick up on your schedule. You’ll never miss a wine delivery again!
  • Weather management: We’re constantly monitoring the weather in our shipping lanes. If it’s too hot or cold, we’ll hold shipment and notify you of your options, which include 6 months of free storage if you need it.
  • Steward-Ship: Our most popular program — unlimited delivery all year, for just $49. It just may be the best deal in the wine business!

Satisfaction guaranteed

We’re confident in what we do, and excited to have you become a fan too! If your wine arrives spoiled or damaged in any way, we’ll replace it, no questions asked. We have in-house customer service centres on both coasts ready to take your call or email for this or any other support you require.

2. Wines delivered by Barclay’s:

  1. More California Chardonnay reviews

About Barclay’s Wine Los Angeles, USA

We are really just wine guys. We have been in the industry for our entire careers and have been part of some great successes in the past. We don’t know anything else and really don’t want to be doing anything else. We love discovering new treasures and are excited to be able to bring them to our clients. Wine is not work for us, it is our passion.

The Internet and the information age have changed doing business in a very exciting way. It is now possible for the passionate winemaker to tell their story (that is actually the easy part) and get their wines to the enthusiastic consumer (which is still a difficult task) without the filter of an overbearing bureaucracy. Put simply, that is how we fit in. Not to make the wine or write the story but just to be the conduit that allows the winemaker and the consumer to meet.

Our team travels the planet in search of great wines and the amazing stories that are part of each one. 

Barclay’s Wine is designed to fit the budget and interest of all wine enthusiasts. From the casual consumer to the ardent collector, Barclay’s is focused on our clients to make sure that you get what you want. We understand that there are alternatives and that, no matter how well we have done in the past, we are only as good as the last wine you received from us. So, at Barclay’s Wine you will learn very quickly that, whatever option you select, your interests will always remain our first priority.

Barclay’s Guarantee. When all the talking is done, you need to be happy with whichever option you select and the wines that are coming to your door. It is not important that we think we are doing a great job, it is only important that you feel we are doing a good job. That is why our guarantee of your complete satisfaction is not just a slogan. We back it up by telling you that, whatever option you select, you will never pay for a wine that you don’t like. No questions. No issues. No problem.

3. Wines delivered by Bounty Hunters:

  1. Napa Valley California wine review
  2. California wine review
  3. Sonoma Valley California wine review
  4. Best French Burgundy Chardonnay review

Bounty Hunters Wines

All these great wines and more can be bought through Bounty Hunter Wines. Who are they? Founder and CEO Mark Steven Pope explains:

For twenty years now, we’ve made it our business to track down the hottest wines the world has to offer. Let’s face it, these are challenging times, and the price-to-value ratio has never been more important as we seek to hold on to a luxnapa valley wineury experience that doesn’t break the bank.

As merchants, negotiant and vintners, we are afforded special access to a treasure trove of great wine.We taste between five and six thousand wines every year and have long-standing relationships with some of the world’s best wineries and winemakers.Consider us your ultimate Wine Country insiders. We live here in Napa, work with the local winemakers and grape growers and eat and drink with them in our Wine Bar & Smokin’ BBQ digs down town. We often get the early scoop on what’s really happening in the wineries, vineyards and cellars (lucky you). This means we have access to the truly ‘great stuff’ long before most other sources even know about it. Fact is, we stay ahead of the curve and find the wines you want before you know you want them”.

What guarantees do you have?

Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Provisions wants you to be happy with every item that you purchase from us. “If you don’t like it, we want it back”. We are glad to refund the purchase price of your item in full, provided that the item meets our Return criteria.

4. Wines delivered by Wine Insiders:

  1. More top California Chardonnays reviews
  2. Chile wine review

About Wine Insiders

See below what Wine Insiders have to say about their business:

“We search out world class wines at affordable prices” 

Meet our expert wine panel.

We sample 2,000 wines a year to make sure we bring you only the best. Scroll down to meet the members of our award-winning panel from left to right.

Brent Shortridge Brent began his career as a chemist with the legendary Andre Tchelistcheff winemaker. He is presently chairman of the international program for the Wine Institute in San Francisco. He has extensive experience in almost every .aspect of the industry, from the cellar to the boardroom.

Sara Malone A gourmet cook, Sara has a keen understanding of the relationship between food and wine. She is also a Master Gardener who brings special insights to the importance of the grape-growing process.

Johanna Bernstein An active member of Women for WineSense, Johanna combines her love of wine with an appreciation for the fine arts. She has played a key role in marketing for the wine industry.

Philip Zorn Philip has been associated with such notable names as Sunny St. Helena, Gauer Estate and Tria. He has a thorough knowledge of the winemaking process and is currently the consulting winemaker for 6 different brands.

Vincent Bouchard (not pictured) Descended from 8 generations of French winemakers (Bouchard Pere et Fils winery), Vincent presently works with 5 French cooperages and oversees the production of fine Porto at his 300-year-old estate.

Wine Insiders does the shopping for you

Our award-winning wine panel personally evaluates 2,000 wines, including Chardonnays each year.

We approve only 5 out of 100 bottles we sample, ensuring you get delicious wine every time.
And we ship our wines right to your door, bypassing the big wine stores and passing our discounts to you.

Our Money-Back Guarantee 

If you’re not 100% delighted, send back the unopened bottles. We’ll refund every cent you paid, including the price of the bottle you opened.