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Does Wine make you Smarter?

Introduction Have you ever thought that drinking alcohol could have a very positive effect on your brain? Good news for those who like a drink! Two separate and independently performed studies concluded that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, but especially wine, which stimulates the brain, can lead to improved brain function. So the answer to… Read More »

California wine Regions – Chardonnay

Introduction Did you know that California is responsible for almost 90% of the total wine production in the United States of America? And if it would be a separate country, California would be the world’s fourth wine producing nation after France, Italy and Spain. Chardonnay wines form an important part of California’s wine production, which are… Read More »

Review of Joseph Drouhin Meursault 2011

Product: Joseph Drouhin Meursault 2011 -Chardonnay white wine Where to buy at lowest price: Getwineonline (for USA only) Alcohol percentage: 13 abv Vintage: 2011 Rating: 90/100 clarification here Price: Reg. $61.99 Web Only Sale: $47.29 28% discount on 12 bottles for $535.08 Seller: Getwineonline (type Meursault in the search engine) Details The 2011 Meursault Village is a… Read More »

Best French Chardonnay

Introduction Chardonnay is originally from France’s Burgundy region, where the best white Burgundies are powerful and rich, with complex fruit flavours and notes of earth and minerals. More affordable Chardonnays from Burgundy—for instance, those simply labelled Bourgogne Blanc—are crisp and lively, with apple and lemon flavours. Chardonnays from warmer areas like America, Australia and Chile… Read More »

Review of 2012 Alta Napa Valley Chardonnay

Product: Alta Napa Valley Chardonnay Released: February 2014 Best to buy: Amazon Vintage: 2012 Rating: 85/100 clarification here Price: $26 Introduction This wine is one of the prime examples of a quality wine from one of the smaller, family owned wineries that the California area is so rich of. Winemaker’s Notes The grapes for this wine… Read More »

The California Wine Club – Review

Introduction The California Wine Club is a wine club co-founded in 1990 by Bruce and Pam Boring in Ventura, California and is considered one of the largest mail-order wine businesses in the United States. Though its main focus is on Californian wines, it can also deliver wines from other US states, South-Africa, South-America, Australia/New Zealand… Read More »

A glass of wine during pregnancy? Maybe!

Introduction  This is especially for you, dear ladies, who are in the happy circumstances of  being pregnant. What I am offering you here is what alcohol could do to your  baby plus the collected expert opinions of doctors, scientists and national health  institutes. Be aware that this issue is a bit controversial, but in the… Read More »

How many calories in a glass of wine, amazing?

Introduction Depending on the wine and it does not matter whether it is a red or a white or even a rose wine, the calories per glass of wine can vary considerably. The range has mostly to do with alcohol content, only a little bit with its inherent sweetness and of course the volume or… Read More »

What wine Glasses to use, Important?

Introduction Many people have asked me about the right glass for the right wine. At first glance it seems not too important at all, as there appear to be so many of them. I am sure you have enjoyed drinking wine from a great variety of glasses or even paper/plastic cups at mass gatherings! However, the right… Read More »