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What is an Alcohol Addiction?

Introduction Wine, whether red, white, rose or champagne contains alcohol. Whatever way you look at, any alcoholic drink, including wine has its dangers. How to recognize addiction? When am I addicted? What is it exactly? How to avoid it? Find out all this and more in this article on what is an alcohol addiction. The… Read More »

Does Wine make you Smarter?

Introduction Have you ever thought that drinking alcohol could have a very positive effect on your brain? Good news for those who like a drink! Two separate and independently performed studies concluded that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, but especially wine, which stimulates the brain, can lead to improved brain function. So the answer to… Read More »

How many calories in a glass of wine, amazing?

Introduction Depending on the wine and it does not matter whether it is a red or a white or even a rose wine, the calories per glass of wine can vary considerably. The range has mostly to do with alcohol content, only a little bit with its inherent sweetness and of course the volume or… Read More »

Alcohol content in Wine, Rising?

Introduction Everybody already knows that, traditionally, red wines will contain more alcohol than white wines. Over the past five years I have seen the alcohol content of both white and red wine rising, especially in Chardonnays from the New World.Also, I saw that alcohol content can vary year by year for the same type of… Read More »