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Is White Wine Acidic?

Introduction A common complaint of inexperienced wine drinkers is that a particular wine tastes acid. But subsequently they have difficulty to explain what this “acidity” exactly means. A common complaint of experienced wine drinkers is that a wine has “strange, immature acids”. When asked, also they then cannot adequately tell you what they mean. To… Read More »

16 True Myths about Wine Discredited

Introduction There is nothing nicer than to enjoy a sunny afternoon and or evening with friends and accompanied by a really good glass of wine. Unfortunately there can always be a wine snob hidden in your company flooding you with a lot of pedantic facts about this gods drink. In order to silence these smarty-pants… Read More »

What is the Best White Wine?

Introduction Which white wines impress most? Continuously have the highest quality over a span of time? Are most widely drunk? Following my article on interesting details on white wine I am trying to find out if there indeed is a best white wine in the world. I will go on further describing six white wine… Read More »

Interesting Details about White Wine

Introduction Did you know that white wine can be made from both white and blue grapes? This is because the juice of both blue and white grapes is white. White wine is made using the grape juice only by taking out the seeds, stalks and husks. And why is it that they call it white wine,… Read More »

What is Unoaked Chardonnay?

Introduction Chardonnay wines the world over are often linked to ageing on oak, which of course many of them have gone through. However, let us not forget that there also are a lot of unoaked, top class Chardonnays. Some winemakers now use stainless steel vessels during fermentation to bring out the true nature of the… Read More »

What is Oaked Chardonnay?

Introduction Chardonnay wine and wood are inextricably linked. Indeed, after the vine itself you could label the oak tree as the main tree for wines. Many wines are aged in oak barrels or get into contact with oak somewhere during its production. But before going on let us not forget that there also is a… Read More »

Order Wine On-line – Do it Safely!

Introduction E-commerce is taking over the world. Traditionally people are buying their wines in nearby shops, supermarkets and department or convenient stores. These stores have three unique selling points. You can take the product immediately, you can taste, smell, feel, fit and try and, in some cases, and you get personal attention. Especially for the… Read More »