What wine Glasses to use, Important?

By | December 16, 2014

Introductionwhat wine glass to use

Many people have asked me about the right glass for the right wine. At first glance it seems not too important at all, as there appear to be so many of them. I am sure you have enjoyed drinking wine from a great variety of glasses or even paper/plastic cups at mass gatherings! However, the right glass does matter and if you take a moment, I will explain below what wine glasses to use.

What you should use

It is really very simple; for everyday consumption you use one type of glass and you leave the beautiful crystal glasses for special occasions only. So what wine glasses wine glasses to use for what wines? Believe it or not, but three factors play a great role: the clarity of the glass, its stem and its shape.It  is tulip shaped, colourless so that you can optimally see the colour of the wine and the stem should be long enough so that you can roll  the wine in the glass without touching it with you warm hand. At its top side it is a little squinted to keep the bouquet as much as  possible inside the glass. The thinner the glass, the better the wine can present itself.The picture perfectly illustrates what I am trying to  get across.

Things not to use

In earlier days people sometimes used coloured glasses, so as not being able to see the turbidity that used to be present in especially white wine. Nowadays there are people who deprive themselves of the view of the beautiful colour of the wine by using wrought glasses. A triangle shaped glass also will not help very much in capwine glassturing the bouquet oimages (4)f the wine. It would then pass your nose and end up in your ears! Then there are people who use very thick glasses. All these tassels are a hindrance only, when you would like to enjoy the wine to its fullest. I am now showing you some examples of glasses that look beautiful but nevertheless are not functional, exactly for the reasons given above.

Special glasses

It is certainly not necessary to use a special glass for every type of wine, however, if you would like to compare several types of wine, in order to avoid confusion, you should mark the glass. Some people are of the opinion that certain wines only excel in a certain glass. This does not imply whatsoever that you should use smaller glasses for what wine glasses to usewhite wine and larger glasses for red wine, as claimed more often than not.

Some vineyards use their own specific glass, but this usually serves more as promoting the sale of this wine than with assessing it.

Dimensions of wine glasses

Too big a glass or too small a glass and it can give a distorted picture of the flavour. Any kind of wine can be served in a glass with a content of between 140 and 340 cc. For your daily use a glass of 280 cc is a very good measure. But you do not need to fill it completely!

Maintaining of wine glasses

The best thing to do is not to use soap or detergents. However, if you really need to make use of this, then please use a lot of water to clean the glass out, as detergents could adversely affect he colour of the wine and moreover could give a bad smell to the wine. They should be dried with clean cloth, which may not smell  of detergents and can only be used for drying the glasses. After drying the glasses, do not put them upside down,as there might be a chance that that they will adopt the smell of the material they are put on. The glass can be dried the easiest, when it is still warm and just out of the water.


In order to have all the advantages during drinking wine, ensure you drink it from a tulip shaped glass, which iswhat wine glass to use completely clear and clean, not smelling like anything else, certainly not detergents, not too small and not too big. Once you have ensured that you have bought the right glasses for the occasion, you will want to put them into good use! So  ……… especially for you the Chardonnayfan:

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4 thoughts on “What wine Glasses to use, Important?

  1. Neil

    To me, I thought a wine glass was just a glass! 😛

    I have certainly learned a few things here when it comes to certain wine glasses, and I didn’t actually realize detergents could affect the wine itself. I guess I will have to start taking your advice when it comes to washing and drying my wine glasses!

    After reading this article, I could sure do with opening up a bottle of wine or 2 🙂


    1. Jerry

      I am glad I could be of help and yes it is often the small things, often forgotten, that matter. I hope that when you do open a bottle of wine, it will be one of the excellent wines reviewed and rated on this site.

  2. Kae

    I normally would not care if someone served me wine in a Mason jar, as long as we’re having a good time. There is something to be said, though, for drinking a nice wine out of the proper glass, which you’re holding like you’re a connoisseur.. It makes for a totally different type of experience — and actually makes you feel quite civilized. As long as you’re not guzzling it down anyway 🙂

    1. Jerry

      Thanks Kae, yes, wine is not there for drinking like beer or water, it should be sipped and savoured in your mouth. I think that having the right glass with the right wine will definitely enhance your drinking experience. If you are a lover of Chardonnay or white wine, you should also hold your glass at the stem (not the glass), as to not unnecessarily warm the wine. Cheers, Jerry


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