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By | March 26, 2015


The most famous grapes for white wines in Argentina are the Torrontés, a local variety, and, of course I might say, argentina chardonnaythe Chardonnay. It is much appreciated in Argentina for its capacity for good ripening and because it can be used to make a wide range of wines, from the bases for sparkling wines to the full-bodied varietals fermented in oak barrels to the fresh and elegant wines without oak. Chardonnay is a profound, delicate and remarkably persistent wine. It can be extremely complex, expressing the character of the terroir in which it was grown. In general terms, it is characterized by tropical notes when it comes from warm regions and by aromas of minerals and fresh vegetables when it comes from colder regions. It is light yellow in colour, with green hues, and its aromas are reminiscent of green apples, lemons and grapefruit, among others. Depicted above is the Mendoza region.

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What do the ratings mean?

Score Explanation
95–100 A classic great wine
90–94 An outstanding wine of superior character and style
85–89 A very good wine with special qualities
80-84 A good solid, well-made wine
75–79 A mediocre wine, drinkable but may have minor flaws
50–74 Not recommended

The best selling wines you need to try:

1.Product: Catena Chardonnay 

Where to buy at lowest prices: Wine.comargentina chardonnay

Vintage: 2014

Location: Mendoza

Bottle: 750ml

Rating: 89/100

Price: From $20 discounted to $16.99

Tasting notes

Catena Chardonnay combines the unique expressions of three high altitude vineyard sites. The wine shows an intense greenish colour with yellow notes. The extraordinary combination of these vineyards offer honey and tropical fruit flavours while lending notes of citrus, pears, peaches, and white flowers with a strong minerality and a delicate note of vanilla. The mouth feel is clean, with a fresh, clean acidity.

This wine would be a fantastic companion a variety of poultry dishes, dishes finished with a nantua sauce, or to a rich seafood dish like shrimp and herb risotto.

Wine maker’s notes

Bodega Catena Zapata is one of Argentina’s high altitude Malbec pioneers. The Catena family began making wine in Mendoza in 1902. Nicolas Catena, third generation family vintner, was one of the first to see the potential of Mendoza’s mountain vineyards for producing high quality Malbec. In 1994, he became the first Argentine to exprot a world-class bottling of Malbec under the Catena label. Nicolas is joined by his daughter, Dr. Laura Catena, in their relentless pursuit of world-class quality from the family’s high altitude vineyards. Laura has done extensive work in introducing Malbec and other varietal plant selections, soil and climate analysis, and sustainable practices throughout Mendoza. Head winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, has been at Catena Zapata since 2002 and works with Laura and Nicolas to make wines that express the family’s vineyards and palate.

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2.Product: Bodega Norton Reserva Chardonnay

Where to buy at lowest prices: Wine.comargentina chardonnay review

Vintage: 2013

Bottle: 750ml

Alcohol: 14%

Location: Mendoza

Rating: 85/100

Price: $17.99 

Tasting notes

The wine has a bright hue with greenish tints. The nose offers ripe fruits and citrus, with mineral notes and vanilla that give it great complexity and elegance. The palate shows excellent balance between sweetness and acidity resulting in a long and lingering finish.

Wine maker’s notes

Astonished at the features of the place, and pushed by his visionary spirit, in 1895, an English Engineer, Mr. Edmund J. P. Norton planted the first vines importing them from France, thereby giving origin to what was the first winery in the area.

Almost 100 years later, Austrian businessman, Mr. Gernot Langes–Swarovski, travelled to Mendoza and experienced the same fascination for the region beauty, the warmth of its people, and the excellent conditions for vine growing. Supporting his decision in his intuition and in the fact that he was convinced of the high potential the vitiniculture represented in Argentina, in 1989, he acquired the Winery with the following firm aim: to make wines recognized worldwide for their quality. While executing this project, he appointed his son Michael as the person responsible for the management of the company, who, jointly with a team of local professionals started a new phase of investment, revamping and growth.

In that way, the incorporation of top-notch technology together with the knowledge and passion of people, have caused Norton to be the leading brand in exports and one of the country´s most important Wineries.

Our 5 farms have over 1200 ha fit for growing vine, 680 ha out of which are currently cultivated. Over 150 families of vineyard workers live and work there, sharing secrets and experiences from generation to generation. This knowledge and passion for the work, combined with the professionalism of our team of agricultural engineers result in products with excellence.

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3.Product: Trivento Chardonnay Reserve

Where to buy at lowest prices: Wine.comargentina chardonnay

Vintage: 2012

Location: Mendoza

Bottle: 750ml

Rating: 86/100

Price: $23.99 

Tasting notes

Golden yellow in colour with expressive aromas of banana, melon, pineapple and hints of vanilla from the oak. Fresh, yet unrelenting with a delicate after-taste.

Enjoy Trivento Reserve Chardonnay as the perfect pairing with shellfish and other seafood.

Wine maker’s notes

Our winery is named after the three winds that sweep through our vineyards, giving our grapes their unique character.

The icy Polar wind invades the vineyard in winter. Cold forces the sap deep within the vines. Pruning begins to encourage renewed growth.

The Zonda wind rushes down off the Andes from the West. Racing across open furrows, its warmth envelops each plant rousing the dormant sap to supply new, spring growth.

The third wind, the Sudestada, draws in from the East, fresh yet humid, in summer. It gives our grapes respite from the searing sun and eases berry ripening.

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4.Product: Luca Chardonnay 

Where to buy at lowest prices:

Vintage: 2013

Location: Mendoza

Bottle: 750ml

Alcohol: 14%

Rating: 88/100

Price: $33.99 

Tasting notes

Beautiful pale-gold colour with enticing aromas of lemon crème, baking spices and some notes of dulce de leche. The aromas carry through to the palate, and are joined by hints of tropical fruit, spiced baked pear, and a stony/mineral flavour that creates a stylish wine that seems part New and part Old World.

Pairs well with most fish, lobster, crab, chicken, and even many pork preparations. Particularly recommended with dishes using sautéed wild mushrooms or butter sauces. This wine will age well for years in a cellar.

Wine maker’s notes

Laura Catena is a fourth generation winemaker who grew up in a traditional Argentine-Italian winemaking family in Mendoza. Laura splits her time between Mendoza and San Francisco, California, where she is an emergency physician, university professor and occasional tango dancer. Laura had the vision of creating a new breed of Argentine wines: small quantities, artisan quality, and true to their individual terroirs. A pioneer of small-grower relations in Mendoza, Laura’s incredible, limited production wines come from some of Argentina’s best fruit from low-yield, high-elevation, family-owned vineyards. The wines are named after her children – Luca, Dante and Nicola – and the background of the label is the McDermott coat of arms of her American husband, Daniel McDermott.

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