McLaren Vale wine – Review

By | June 17, 2015


McLaren Vale’s wines are described as the “middle palate of Australia” because they produce soft full flavoured wines. Each October the Bushing Festival takes place, during which colourful wine making characters introduce the new vintages. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate influenced by the St Vincent’s Gulf only six kms away.

mclaren vale wineChardonnay is harvested in mid March. This is the major white variety of McLaren Vale. The most pronounced and distinctive feature is ripe peaches, with the wine from cooler sites displaying white peach. These wines maintain elegance and generally have long cellaring potential. Some McLaren Vale Chardonnay also features ripe melon, banana, fig and cashew nut flavours—rich and generous with pure elegance.

Find below my McLaren Vale wine reviews of some of its quality Chardonnays.

If you are interested in some of the wines below, just click the two banners below and go to white wine>chardonnay>wine regions>margaret river. For delivery by WineSale within Australia territory only.

All the wines have been rated and you can read here how this system works. 

The wine sale company, of which I am an affiliate and as such have been promoting their wines, has meanwhile discontinued this affiliate service. This is why I was forced to cancel the reviews of the wines offered through this site.

In order to resume my services to you, I am looking for other companies to promote their wines for the Australian market. However, at the moment none seem to be present. There was one such firm available, but it will not allow affiliates from outside Australia. I will keep looking for next opportunities which will allow me to review the excellent Australian Chardonnays again and offer you the best in the world.


What do the ratings mean?

Score Explanation
95–100 A classic great wine
90–94 An outstanding wine of superior character and style
85–89 A very good wine with special qualities
80-84 A good solid, well-made wine
75–79 A mediocre wine, drinkable but may have minor flaws
50–74 Not recommended

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6 thoughts on “McLaren Vale wine – Review

  1. Jyl Darlow

    That’s a good idea Jerry. Sometimes it can be frustrating to read all about something and be totally sold on it, but find that it’s not available in your country. You could (if it didn’t take up too much time of course) have ‘availability’ as part of your wine reviews along with ‘vintage’ region’ etc. 🙂

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Jyl, in the coming days I will list up with a UK based affiliate program for deliveries in the UK only and then review their Chardonnays, which I think are fro around the world and from Australia to begin with. In principle all the Chardonnays I review are still in stock and available. I am checking regularly whether that is still the case. Cheers, Jerry

  2. Jyl Darlow

    Hi Jerry – I’m a beer girl myself but you definitely make wine sound delicious! I find it fascinating that wine tasters can get the little hints of pineapple and melon flavours in wines, but I never can….. Maybe I need more practice to acquaint my pallette 😀 I really like how you score out of 100 too – out of 5 or 10 is often not concise enough 🙂
    We do get a very wide selection of Australian wines here in Northern Ireland – do you know if any of these ones exported to here?

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Jyl, thanks for your enthusiastic reaction. I accessed a UK wine affiliate program and they offer Chardonnays from Aidelaide Hills, Margaret River, Barossa Valley, but not from McLaren Vale. Do you want me to review some of these Chardonnays for deliveries in the UK? Cheers, Jerry

  3. Stephane

    Thanks for the great review of McLaren Vale wines. Definitely will be trying some this summer. Which would you say is your favorite?

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Stephane, the first one Beresford has a very good quality-to-price ratio. It is easy to drink and I am sure that many people would like it. I would personally choose the Wirra Wirra 12th man Chardonnay with its rich fruit and a hint of citrus flavour. Cheers, Jerry


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