Barossa Valley Wine – Review

By | June 15, 2015


Of all the famous wine valleys in South Australia the ‘Barossa’ is the best known. It is also the birthplace of the Australian wine industry.Thanks to the different soils and Mediterranean climate this region produces different barossa valley winetypes of wine with a solid, high quality. Amongst other varietals, the Barossa Valley produces some excellent Chardonnay wines.

Find below my Barossa Valley wine reviews of some of its quality Chardonnays.

If you are interested in some of the wines below, just click the two banners below and go to white wine>chardonnay>wine regions>barossa valley. For delivery by WineSale within Australia territory only.

All the wines have been rated and you can read here how this system works. 

The wine sale company, of which I am an affiliate and as such have been promoting their wines, has meanwhile discontinued this affiliate service. This is why I was forced to cancel the reviews of the wines offered through this site.

In order to resume my services to you, I am looking for other companies to promote their wines for the Australian market. However, at the moment none seem to be present. There was one such firm available, but it will not allow affiliates from outside Australia. I will keep looking for next opportunities which will allow me to review the excellent Australian Chardonnays again and offer you the best in the world.

What do the ratings mean?

Score Explanation
95–100 A classic great wine
90–94 An outstanding wine of superior character and style
85–89 A very good wine with special qualities
80-84 A good solid, well-made wine
75–79 A mediocre wine, drinkable but may have minor flaws
50–74 Not recommended


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8 thoughts on “Barossa Valley Wine – Review

  1. Steve White

    Hi Jerry, a few years ago I purchased a case of Barrosa Valley wine labelled as “C4 Chardonnay “. It was a really creamy smooth wine with some sweetness and a good acid balance. I have tried to find this wine many times since but it seems to have ceased to exist.
    My question is: Is this wine or wine from the same vineyard now being marketed under a different name perhaps? If so, what is it called and is it available in the uk?
    Another wine I used to enjoy was Echo Point Shiraz. Again I cannot find this anywhere. Does it still exist?
    Kind regards…Steve

    1. Jerry Post author

      There are many good Chardonnays from Barossa valley, some of which are classed as C4. So, it is not a name but a qualification. Please check the name on the bottle again. Although Echo Point Shiraz is still there, my merchants do not have it in their delivery schedule for the UK. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Murray

    Hi Jerry
    The Barossa Valley is well known here in New Zealand and I’ve enjoyed many a great wine from the region. Tell me I like a sweet wine and was looking at the Schild Estate Chardonnay…sounds nice with lots of fruit added to it. Would I be right in thinking that’s a sweet wine?

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Murray, thanks for visiting my website. Chardonnay white wines are by definition more on the dry then on the sweet side. I personally prefer the dryer wines. Mind you, the Chardonnays from Barossa are a bit milder than the ones from New Zealand, which is mainly due to the somewhat warmer climate in Australia. In a cooler climate the Chardonnays will be lighter and dryer, in a warmer climate they will become milder or full bodied, but not sweet. If you really like a sweet (dessert) wine, then try Sauternes, which is a French wine. Cheers, Jerry

  3. Chris evans

    Well they all look like lovely choices – I can’t quite make my mind up! I’m leaning towards the Langmeil High Road Chardonnay, would you say that this is one of the better choices you’ve covered here?

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Chris, you are correct, they are all good to very good value for money. But if I had to make a choice I would definitely go for the Langmeil. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Riaz Shah

    Another great wine review here Jerry!
    I love reading about wine everywhere and every time I read about them, I feel more inclined to drink lol. I was an alcohol addict way before and although it was great drinking non-stop, it was bad for my liver not to mention costly and I even lost my appreciation for the taste of wines. But now that I’ve toned down a bit, I began to appreciate wines even more and those from Barossa Valley is one of my favourites. Will definitely buy this in the near future, keep up the good work Jerry! Bookmarked you page 😀

    1. Jerry Post author

      Thanks Riaz, sorry to hear about your earlier issues with alcohol. Looks like you have it under control now. Drinking white wine in moderation can even be beneficial to your health. Cheers, Jerry


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