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Like me you might be a bit overwhelmed by the enormous number of available Chardonnay wines and their variety in tastes, aromas and flavours. Among the hundreds of different types of Chardonnay, I might have drank a couple of dozen. It also means that there are so many more that I might have missed and I am sure there must be some wines that will definitely be awesome.chardonnay reviews and ratings

Being based in a small community in Thailand I do not have daily access to a great number of quality wines, but right now we have the internet. I have meanwhile discovered that there is a wealth of information on Chardonnays and I wish to find the quality ones, without having to try all! This is where you and your experience can help!


From now on I am going to do Chardonnay wine reviews and ratings continuously and put our favourites on this site on the basis of short, to the point and not too complicated characteristics. If you are interested you can take part in wine review and ratingthis. And you do not need to be a sommelier, wine expert, because everybody can join in! We all have our personal tastes and favourites.

Hereunder I have listed the criteria at which to check the wines and a scoring form which will result in their classification and my ultimately goal is to summarize the top rated Chardonnays, updating it from time to time as necessary. I now have firstly published the top quality Chardonnays, based on my various reviews on wines from around the world, both the Old World and the New one. You can find it here, complete with a link to its review.

Rating criteria

You will be able to score the wine with scoring criteria using the range from  0-100 as follows:

1) Aroma (apple, pear, banana, peach, apricot, lime, lemon, orange, tangerine) score maximum 30wine reviews and ratings

2) Flavour (butter, cream, hazelnut or when oaked: vanilla, sweet wood, coconut) score maximum 40

3) Appearance (surface, clarity, bubbles, colour) score maximum 10

4) Total impression score maximum 20

Maximum total score 100. I have worked out an extended scoring and rating form for Chardonnay wines, which you can see here.

What do the ratings mean?

Score Explanation
95–100 classic great wine
90–94 An outstanding wine of superior character and style
85–89 A very good wine with special qualities
80-84 good solid, well-made wine
75–79 mediocre wine, drinkable but may have minor flaws
50–74 Not recommended

Note that this scale starts at 50, there is no wine rating under this. Also, the perfect wine, with a score of 100 does not exist, but there will be lots of Chardonnays that will come close to reviews and ratings

If not from myself, I have gathered rating information in my reviews from many reliable and expert sources in the internet, news papers, magazines and review forums. Consequently they will give you a fairly accurate score for the quality of each particular wine.

What were your best experiences with Chardonnay? What is the one you liked best? Tell us about it and give us your ratings. If you are unsure about the procedure to taste the wines, just see my scoring sheet and my article about wine tasting here!

Please join me to find the best Chardonnays worldwide and share your experiences in the comment box provided. You can leave your questions there as well and I will come back to you within 24 hours.

10 thoughts on “Chardonnay Wine Reviews and Ratings

  1. Monica

    I didn’t know so much went into rating wine. Evidently it is quite a process, although easy to follow. Personally I prefer red wines like Merlot. Even though Chardonnay isn’t my favourite kind of wine you gave me a lot of insight about how wine is rated and I really enjoyed your article. It is good to know that with a few easy things to learn, everybody can learn how to do it.

    1. Jerry

      Hi Monica, this should be of help to anybody who likes to drink a good glass of wine, now and then, but wonders about the real quality of it. With the knowledge from this article everybody will be capable to make a sound judgement of any wine they are drinking. I have even inserted a scoring card that can be filled out in order to reach your rating results in steps. Cheers, Jerry

  2. RuthM

    At last some clarity on wine rating. I have always loved wine, and I have definitely tried some in the 50-74 rating bracket in the past, but you have given some really good ways to look at each wine and how to think about its quality.

    I am in the UK, so I can see your recommendations there, so I am going to look into this, but this rating overview is a great place to start. Thanks!

    1. Jerry

      Hi Ruth, thanks for your information. I wonder how you knew those wines were in the region 50-74. Anyway, the wines I offer usually are in the range of 80-90 and the ones in my top rated list are from 89-91, which are among the world best. I hope you took a look at my rating form as well; together with my information on this page, anybody should then be able to rate any wine for themselves. And remember, you are always right, because it is your personal taste and view. Cheers, Jerry

  3. Diana Karp

    You had me at “Chardonnay!”

    I cannot wait to see how your new rating system unfolds.

    I sometimes waffle back and forth between Chardonnays and reds as my favorite wines. Currently, however, I find myself starting off with a Chardonnay and then switching over to a Zinfandel or Pinot. So I’m sort of “bi-vino” right now!

    I would love to participate in your collection of ratings and rating criteria and will bookmark your page for future wine tastings. Great idea!

    1. Jerry

      Hi Diana, I just like to tell you that the results of my rating system can be seen in my world best Chardonnay summary here. All of these wines have been reviewed and rated, links included. You are very welcome to share your Chardonnay wine drinking experiences here and if you like to add your personal rating of a particular wine, then that is exactly what I like to see. Thank you for bookmarking this site and I would appreciate it when you would share this site with your wine loving friends. Cheers, Jerry

  4. Angela

    I really enjoyed your website, although I drink wine on occasion, and enjoy it, I am not into wine that much but I have learned so much from looking over your site. I never really understood the rating system for wine, but from now on when I do drink my wine I will have your information in mind. Thanks

    1. Jerry

      Thanks Angela, I am very happy I could help you. If you have time, please visit again as my website has so much more to offer. To name a few: wine and women, white wine is healthy, how to make wine. Feel free to alert your friends to this website as well. Cheers, Jerry

  5. Daniella

    Hi there,

    As usual your articles are just amazing! I always enjoy reading them. Yes, I have bookmarked your website:)
    I didn’t know that they were so many kind of wines, I am very surprised , maybe because I am not living in Belgium anymore. I should visit some days and take the time to savor these listed wines.
    I have a question. Which one do you suggest the most?
    Thank you very much for this helpful review

    1. Jerry

      Hi Daniella, thank you for your interest in this website. In the USA alone there are easily a thousand types of Chardonnay. One of the reasons for this website is to find as much as possible top rated Chardonnays from across the world. In all of my reviews, some of these premium wines have been rated. You may have seen that the reviews are always for a specific market like the USA, Australia and the UK/Europe and outside. If you tell me where it is you are currently living, then I can direct you to the relevant reviews and select some awesome wines for you. Cheers, Jerry


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