How to rate Wines – Form


A lot of people drink wine, but not everybody knows how to really taste them. If you would like to learn a bit more about how to taste the wine, please click here. After you have done that, wine rating wine becomes easy, anybody can do it.

Find below an easy to follow scoring sheet and you will be able to rate any white wine and indeed all wines except for the colour rating

Rating form

Tasting date: 
Appearance (eye) Maximum score 10 Score:
Surface Shiningly oily, clear, pale, multicolour, others:  
Brightness Crystal clear, brilliant, bright, slightly veiled, very clouded, others:  
Carbon dioxide Big bubbles, small bubbles, no bubbles, others:  
Colour of white wine Green hue, light yellow, canary yellow, golden yellow, straw yellow, others:  
Aroma(nose) Maximum score 30 Score:
First impression Pleasant, moderate, pleasant, unpleasant, others:  
Intensity Strong, adequate, weak, very weak, others:  
Quality Very nice, distinguished, honest, just, hard, others:  
Character Floral, spicy, fruity, animal, madeira, others:  
Time Long, medium, short, very short, others:  
Deviation Carbon dioxide, sulphur, stale, vinegar, wood, others:  
Flavour (mouth) Maximum score 40 Score:
First impression pleasant, good, just, bad, mediocre, others:  
Sweetness Sweet, liqueur-like, dry, very dry, velvet, others:  
Body Full, abundant, rich, small, stubborn, hot, others:  
Intensity Strong, moderate, weak, short, long, very intense, though:  
Overall impression Maximum score 20 Score:
Balance Harmony, very good, good, not good, others:  
Aftertaste Fair, stable, not pleasant, healthy, strong, otherwise:  
Duration aftertaste Very long, long, medium, short, otherwise:  
Negatives Sour, vinegar, metal, mouse, rancid, bitter, otherwise:  
  Total, maximum 100 Score:

Feel free to let us know you Chardonnay wine scores through the comment sections on this site.

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