Bridget Everett shopping for Chardonnay Wine

By | February 7, 2017


I had been on the lookout for some celebrities/tv personalities that favour drinking Chardonnay. In one of my articles I already featured Bridget Jones, although this might not be the best example. The New York Times just interviewed the singer/comedian Bridget Everett, who is an avid Chardonnay fan, in particular for the Napa Valley Chardonnays and one of the best available right now. Read more to see which one and buy it through this site’s link.

Here are some excerpts of the the NYT coverage.


Bridget Everett’s cabaret show is known to have a splash zone. The 44-year-old queen of no-holds-barred music and comedy often bites the cork out of a bottle of chardonnay and spits it at the audience before indulging and then liberally spraying the crowd. (She is also known to end each performance by sitting on an audience member’s face.) So it came as no surprise that, as I joined her on a recent shopping trip, the first thing she said was, “I start right at best chardonnayCalifornia Chardonnays — shall we go?”

We were at Astor Wine & Spirits, a few doors from Joe’s Pub, Ms. Everett’s de facto home base for New York shows and where she returns on Feb. 7 and 8 for her signature performance, a mix of brash storytelling and power ballads with her band, the Tender Moments. After decades of grinding it out in the downtown scene while working in restaurants, Ms. Everett is embarking on what promises to be her biggest year yet.

“I waited tables for 25 years,” Ms. Everett said while surveying the store’s options, noticing that her favourite label, Rombauer (this Chardonnay is from the California Carneros region), was the store’s staff pick. “They used to call me the Wine Whisperer.” 

“I like my wine like I like me,” she added. “Big and bold.”

The bottle of Rombauer Ms. Everett bought at the wine store was for Poppy’s sitter. After all, she doesn’t buy only one bottle at a time. “When I was waiting tables, it was whatever they had for $10 to $15 from Napa,” Ms. Everett said while perusing labels. “But now I’ll order a case of Rombauer Chardonnay. I’ve worked hard. I deserve it.”


Actually Ms. Everett picked a Chardonnay that is among the best in the wine business and here is the proof and details of one of these unique wines:

Rombauer Chardonnay vintage 2015Carneros chardonnay

Where to buy best:

Alcohol: 14.5%

Region: Carneros, California

Volume: 750 ml

Rating: 92 (out of a hundred)

Price: $35.99 per bottle

Winemaker’s Notes

Enticing aromas of ripe apple, bright citrus and melon are layered with creme brulee, baking spices and a touch of butter. Vibrant flavors of tropical fruit, baked apple, citrus and white peach meld with vanilla, baking spices and toasted nuts on the creamy,smooth palate. The finish is juicy with mouthwatering acidity that makes you crave another sip.

Critical Acclaim

Wilfred Wong of – “Over the last two decades, Rombauer and Chardonnay have nearly become synonymous. A consistent favorite in all of the wine channels—restaurant, retail and other—this wine often runs out of stock before the next vintage is released. In 2015, the winery simply made a beautiful wine. Full of sun-ripened fruits—apples, peaches, and citrus—this wine is so dinner table ready. Drinks well now.

About Rombauer vineyards

Rombauer Vineyards was founded in 1982 by Koerner and Joan Rombauer and sits on a tree covered knoll overlooking the Napa Valley. The winery features caves that extend for over a mile into the hillside. The caves provide a constant temperature and humidity which result in optimum conditions for ageing our wines.

Rombauer wines are consistently ranked high in the wine trade journals. Many of the finest restaurants throughout the country include Rombauer wines on their list and feature them by the glass. The joy of wine is something that’s important to Rombauer. Whether you are a collector of fine wines or like to have wine with food, wine is something that truly should be enjoyed. Rombauer Vineyards puts a lot of hard work and tender care into making drinkable wines. And because wine is a simple product to enjoy, emphasis is given to taking the mystique out of enjoying fine wines.

Our emphasis on the joy of wine comes from the heritage of the Rombauer family. Koerner’s ancestors made wine in the famous Rheingau region in Germany and his great aunt, Irma Rombauer, wrote the book The Joy of Cooking. Hence our focus on wine as complements to good food and good friends. Every family member is actively involved in the day to day operation of the winery from selecting grapes for the winemaking process and getting the wine to market.


This is another fine example of how excellent Chardonnays can be. It will take top spot in my list of world’s best Chardonnays.

By the way, if you are interested in reading the whole article then you can click this link.

2 thoughts on “Bridget Everett shopping for Chardonnay Wine

  1. chuw5

    Although I’m more acquainted with ordinary red or white wine, the Chardonnay does sound like a big party hit. It is certainly an interesting combination of flavors, butter and cream brulee will mix well, baked apple and spices remind me of harvest season.

    I wonder what channel Bridget Everett hosts her TV show. She’s got quite the boisterous personality.

    1. Jerry Post author

      Interesting idea to call Chardonnay a big party hit. They certainly come in a wide variety of flavours, oaked and unoaked, from light and fresh to full bodied and mature. You might even say that there is a Chardonnay for everyone. Moreover, contrary to red wines, these are quite easy to combine with food, especially with various cheeses. Therefore, it is probably the most versatile white wine in the world.


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