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By | July 9, 2015


For several years, we are bombarded with Chardonnay from the New World (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Chile, Argentina, S-Africa).  While many European winemakers strive for subtlety and complexity, their colleagues from the new world wine reviewNew World more often to “a lot of aroma ‘and’ great taste ‘. 

A great number of Chardonnays from these areas (e.g. California, Australia, New Zealand) can already compete with Old World wines, like Chablis, Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet. In this review I would like to present and rate some of these outstanding New World Chardonnays.  See my review of some of the best Chardonnays from the New World hereunder.

All wines below will be delivered through Perfect Cellar who sell this one on line and to which I am affiliated. If you are interested in the wines reviewed, just click the banners on this page and then go to all wines>Chardonnay. 

Latest: PerfectCellar discontinued their services, so their wines will no longer be reviewed below.

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6 thoughts on “Best Chardonnay Wines – New World

  1. Sheena

    Your knowledge of chardonnay is amazing. I’m searching for a subtle and light chardonnay for a special occasion coming up. I live in the USA so it appears I cannot order here, but might you suggest a good wine that is similar to the Hamilton Russell chardonnay you have listed here that I can find in the US? Thanks either way 🙂 (P.S. these wines sound amazing.)

    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Sheena, I would recommend you go to reviews and ratings, where you will see a lot of Chardonnays that will be delivered to the USA. However, if you are interested in S-Africa wines, see my review here. The best pick would be the number 4 Rustenberg from Stellenbosch, which is as good as the excellent Hamilton Russel. This one can be delivered within the US. Cheers, Jerry

  2. rule2020

    Hi Jerry, This is a great site for wine lovers, especially Chardonnay. The ideas presented clearly illustrate your familiarity with the chosen subject.

    Comments for each product are very authoritative and would serve as a clear guide for people who want to purchase the products.

    Nice idea mate! Keep on posting and helping wine lovers the world over!

    1. Jerry Post author

      Thanks for your reaction Rule. This is exactly what I am aiming at. Cheers, Jerry

    2. Jerry Post author

      Thanks Rule, yes I will keep on gathering facts and figures about Chardonnay. Cheers, Jerry


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