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Which Chardonnay food Pairings are the Best?

Introduction It is a well-known fact that Chardonnay produces a wide range of flavours. The reason being it’s ability to grow under various climatological conditions. The colder the climate, the tighter the aromas and the higher the acidity: green apple, unripe pear and white flowers. Chablis and champagne are the classic examples here. In slightly warmer climates… Read More »

Why Chardonnay Wine is Popular again!

Introduction Chardonnay white wine is undisputedly one of the world’s most popular wines and the most preferred in the USA. Being the easiest and widest planted white grape worldwide, it has had to cope with a meteoric rise in popularity a couple of decades ago. Vineyards around the world planted it, almost as a rite… Read More »

Chardonnay and Cheese – How best to Combine

Introduction White wines, and definitely the various Chardonnays, go best with cheese platters, in fact almost any cheese platter. Cheese and wine is a true classic. But what is the right fit? What can and what cannot be done?  The possibilities seem endless. A marriage of cheese and wine is not necessarily easy. Cheese with… Read More »

Chicken in White wine Sauce – 4 Recipes

Introduction Cooking dishes with (white) wine is becoming more popular all over the world. The reason is simple: it gives an extra dimension to the taste of the food prepared this way. I have already informed you about handy tips on cooking with wine in my post here. In here I would like to expand… Read More »

Dry white wine Cooking – 9 Tips for Cooking with White wine

Introduction Wine has been used for centuries to flavour dishes. Especially in Mediterranean cuisine wine is very popular. In recent years more countries have started cooking more and more with wine, especially with whites. However there still is a fair amount of people that never uses it. Actually it is a pity that there are… Read More »