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A good wine will be getting better over time as long as it is kept under the right conditions. Wine storage is not as simple as it seems. Factors like storage temperature, humidity, draughts, vibrations, light and repugnant smells can have a bad influence on the quality of your wine, as explained in my article here.

wine cooler reviewsA beautiful wine cellar where there is an ideal climate is always a good start, but they are scarce. A very good alternative to building or having and maintaining a wine cellar is the use of a wine cooler cabinet. If you want to build a stock of fine wines, but not necessarily need wines to store for five to ten years or more, then a cooler cabinet is the way to go. A wine refrigerator can keep your wine collection in perfect shape for a short period of time, say two to four years. There is a wide range of wine coolers and wine climate coolers that enable you to keep your wines in top condition whilst being in an environment that meets all the stringent requirements.

What to look for?

The number of temperature zones

Most wine climate coolers are equipped with two temperature zones, but there are also coolers with one temperature zone. If a cooler has two or more zones, it is advisable to make sure that the temperature in each zone is adjustable. Each cooler will display the temperature of the temperature zones, so you can see exactly what temperature to set each compartment. As you will obviously know as a wine lover, the ideal temperature to serve red and white wine differs from each other. A wine storage appliance with two temperature zones thus makes it possible to store red and white wine separately at the right temperature. If you like especially white or red wine, you can also choose a wine cooler with only one temperature zone.

Capacity: suitable for how many bottles

Looking for a compact way to store your wine bottles at an optimum temperature? Opt for a mini wine cooler. Unlike the usual wine cooler it has only one temperature zone, making mini wine coolers occupy little space. These compact wine cabinets are suitable for up to 18 bottles of wine. They are ideal when you prefer only red or white wines.

When you would like to store both red and white wines you will need a cabinet with at least two temperature compartments. Depending on configuration they might store up to 200 bottles of wine (750 ml size).

The way it is cooled

With most wine coolers the cooling is done by compressor, others by Peltier cooling techniques, cooling on one side and heating on the other. The advantage of a compressor cooled refrigerator is that it can be placed anywhere and can even be built in. The Peltier cooling technique needs more open space around it to dissipate the heat.

Where to buy best?

Amazon offers an enormous selection of wine coolers in any price range, from cheaper, smaller or compact to the bigger cabinets for professional use as well as anything in between. See some wine cooler reviews below.

EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler – Stainless Steelwine cooler review

Seller: Amazon
Price: $239.99 plus free shipping
Warranty: One year

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (46 reviews)


Product details

  • Thermopane glass door with stainless steel handle, Includes six (6) fully removable scalloped chrome shelves, Storage for three (3) bottles per shelf
  • Two (2) independently controlled zones, Upper zone: Mid 40 -mid 60 degrees F; Lower zone: Mid 50 – mid 60 degrees F
  • Blue interior LED lighting, Internal fan to evenly circulate air & temperature, LED display
  • Auto defrost; Freestanding application
  • Perfect anywhere you want to store red and white wines

Product description

Store up to 21 bottles of your best wine with the EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler (TWR215ESS). While your wine enjoys the optimal temperature and humidity conditions, you get a dual zone wine cooler in one of the most stylish European finishes available with fully digital temperature controls on a blue LED display.

This thermoelectric EdgeStar wine cooler features a premium stainless steel door trim with double paned tempered glass, allowing you to see and pick the wine you want while the cool air stays inside the cooler to save energy. This unit’s tinted glass door protects your wine from harmful light, ensuring you that your collection will be protected no matter the outside forces.

The interior of the EdgeStar wine cooler features insulated dual temperature zones with scalloped chrome shelves to cradle and display your wine. This dual zone wine cooler also boasts ample room for 21 bottles (even fitting many longer and wider wine bottles that won’t fit in similar wine coolers), auto defrost and two independently controlled temperature zones for different wines in your collection.

With all of these features, this wine fridge is perfect for the amateur and professional collectors, as well as any wine connoisseurs. External Dimensions: 32 1/2″ H x 13 2/5″ W x 20 1/4″ D Internal Dimensions: 26 1/4″ H x 10 1/2″ W x 12 1/4″ D.

Buy on line and save here.

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigeratorwine cooler review

Seller: Amazon

List price: 495.00
On line selling price: $422.10 (15% discounted) plus free shipping!
Warranty: One year
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (53 reviews)
Product details: 
  • Capacity: 19 standard 750ml wine bottles
  • Tempered double pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection
  • Digital LED temperature control with temperature range from 40ºF – 65ºF
  • Powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling ensures even temperature distribution
  • Security lock and key

Product description

The Whynter Built-in under counter wine refrigerator offers premium quality and innovative design ideal for your wine collecting needs. Whether for the enthusiast or the connoisseur, the Whynter built-in under counter wine refrigerator provides affordable yet advanced wine storage functionality.

This Whynter single zone wine storage system can hold up to 19 standard 750ml wine bottles.

The powerful compressor cooling system offers optimum temperature (high 30ºF to mid 60ºF) for red, white, and sparkling wines. The front ventilation design of this unit allows for flush with cabinet under counter installation or simply free-standing usage. The premium appeal of the BWR-18SD features an exclusive stainless steel trimmed door and a heavy stainless steel L-bar handle. The seven removable scalloped chrome racks in the unit allow for maximum storage capacity.

Buy on line and save here.

EdgeStar 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Seller: Amazon

wine cooler

Price : $1,214.95 (free shipping)

Usually ships within 3 to 4 days.

Warranty: One year

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

Product details

  • Upper Zone: 41 – 54 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity; Lower Zone: 54 – 64 degrees F; 55 bottle capacity
  • 110 wine bottle capacity; Two (2) independently controlled zones
  • Stainless steel trimmed slide-out wood shelves; Digital temperature controls w/ LED display
  • Under counter or free-standing application; Blue interior LED lighting; Tinted glass door
  • Dimensions: 54 4/5″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D
  • Weight: 180 pounds

Product description

Keep both your red and white wine at the optimum temperature with the EdgeStar 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler (CWR1101DZ). This wine cooler can hold up to 110 standard 750 ml wine bottles, which is great for storage, entertaining guests, or throwing parties.

The stainless steel-trimmed, tinted, dual paned glass door allows you to view your wines and pick one out without opening the door, allowing you to be energy efficient as you keep all of the cold air inside of the cooler, and it helps keep the temperature of your wine from fluctuating which can affect the flavour. With a great presentation, the shelving, flat faced stainless steel handle, and blue LED light offer an excellent look for storing and showing off your growing wine collection in style and convenience.

This premium wine refrigerator features two (2) separate, digitally controlled zones designed specifically to keep red and white wines at optimum temperatures. The upper zone holds 55 bottles of white wine at a temperature range between 41-54 degrees F, while the lower zone stores 55 bottles of red wine between 54-64 degrees F. Stainless steel-trimmed wood shelves hold the bottles in a staggered reverse racked manner and a bottom display rack lets you further show off your favourite bottles in a unique fashion.

This unit is also rubber brushed to dampen vibrations that disturb the wine and can adversely affect the flavour over time, and to reduce the noise produced by the cooler, making it soft on both your wine and your ears. In addition, this wine cooler is great for multiple applications as it can be used as either a built in, or free-standing unit.

Perfect for amateur and professional collectors alike, this wine cooler will make a perfect addition to your wine cellar, kitchen, or anywhere you keep your collection. 24″ Width: The 24″ width fits perfectly into mid-sized under counter spaces.

Buy it on line and save here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will come back to you within 24 hours.

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    1. Jerry Post author

      Hi Matt, the cooling unit is outside the wine bottle storage area, and only the cool air will come in.The primary advantages of a Peltier cooler compared to a vapour-compression refrigerator are its lack of moving parts or circulating liquid, very long life and invulnerability to potential leaks, and its small size and flexible shape. Its main disadvantage is high cost and poor power efficiency. Cheers, Jerry

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