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Many people buy their wine in the local wine store, supermarket or grocery store. More often than not they complain about the lack of wine knowledge, the small assortment and the prices. They have heard about others joining a wine club, but because of not knowing about them, it makes them hesitant to join. Some other people are looking to become part of the right wine club. Hereunder I have specified the advantages of the reliable and better wine clubs. You will recognize a reputable wine club, when you find these characteristics. I will also list things to watch out for. At the end I will provide some useful tips and a link to my wine club reviews.

What are the advantages of wine clubs?wine club

  1. Usually wine clubs buy their wines in greater quantities than local wine stores, thus getting higher discounts. This means that consumer prices from wine clubs can be more favourable than those from your local shops.
  2. What happens if you bought your wine at the local wine shop and you really did not like it? Can you go back and get another one for free? I do not think so. However, there are some clubs out there who offer a money back guarantee or they will supply you another similar wine to taste.
  3. The wine selection in wine clubs is usually higher than that in your local wine store and may have wines from all over the world. Moreover, the wine club will have tasted and reviewed all these wines, whilst a sales person in a local store will most certainly not have done so.
  4. Wine clubs may want your palate profile and will store your personal wine selections, so that in the future it will be easier to supply you with the right choice of wines. Your local wine stores will hardly make use of a customer profile.
  5. When you return to your local wine store for more of the wine you bought before, will they give you a discount? Very unlikely. A wine club, on reordering, will grant you some pretty good discounts. You will also be able to make use of its frequent and unique sales offers on a regular basis.

Things to Watch out For

As in every industry in every part of the world, some wine clubs are targeting unsuspecting consumers with money to spend who do not read the fine print or forget to do the math before making purchases, so here are some things to watch out for.

  1. Beware of wine clubs that are being offered by companies who are not in the business. It’s likely that a third-party wine club is providing the monthly wine service and the offering company is taking a percentage of sales in exchange for offering the wine club to their loyal customers. Their pricing is therefore likely to be higher, with no visible added value. You might as well go to the local supermarket.
  2. Ensure you understand all costs involved before you sign up. Ask about sign-up costs or any extra shipping costs. Find out if there is a minimum number of months you have to belong to the club, and what the cancellation and return policy is.
  3. Also, see if you can find out how long the average member stays with the club. Do most members leave after a year? Are most members long-timers? Those figures will tell you how much the club tends to please its clients.

Some useful tips

Before choosing a wine club, please look at your own budget and the subscriptions on offer. Furthermore, find out if the club matches your preferences and tastes in wine.

You can lower the shipping cost if you buy less often, but in bigger quantities.

Do not commit to subscribe for an indefinite period in time, limit it to a certain period.The wine club will inform you in time and then you can decide consciously on an extension.

Look at favourable introduction offers, go for the ones that offer an extra shipment, free shipping on the first order, or a free bottle of wine with your first order.

Just to give you a hint and a taste, I wrote a review of one of the finest and highest rated wine clubs in the USA: the California Wine Club.

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